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General conditions

  1. The delivery date is only given as an indication and can not be used as a reference to claim any compensation. A delayed delivery is no reason for refusing any of the ordered goods, unless cancellation of the order is approved by us.
  2. Ordered goods travel always on the risk of the buyer.
  3. Delivered goods are never refunded.
  4. Accepting the goods at delivery includes approval of the delivered goods.
  5. All remarks about the goods should be given before collecting the goods. Later complains will not be accepted.
  6. In case of an acknowledged complain, we are only obliged to replace the disputed materials with exclusion of any compansation.
  7. Our invoices can be payed in cash.
  8. Unpaid expired invoices will lead to an intrest of 14% / year regardless there was no reminder nor summons.
  9. An indemnification will be applied to all unpaid invoices an will be increased with 15% with a minimum of 25€ starting on the day after the expiry day undiminished of all inkassoprovision, exhortation- and persecutioncosts.
  10. In case of delayed payment of the buyer, the vendor is enpowered to cancel the execution the of the contract or to disband it in relation to any remaining deliveries or works.
  11. All cases of force majeure gives us the right to cancel a contract and ask for enough proof that guarantees the excecution of it.
  12. Goods returned for repair has to be picked up within 8 days from date of invoice. failing to do so will cause lapse of all resposibility on all done repairings.
  13. In case of dispute, only the court in Gent has juristiction.
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